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The Raglan Property Management Service

"Raglan will look after your property as if it were their own".

We are fortunate enough to have a superb team of Gas-Technicians, Plumbers, Electricians, Builders and Maintenance people who have been Raglan approved – tried and tested countless times. Many maintenance issues can be dealt with "in-house"; we have 24 hour hotlines which operate 365 days a year for tenants and landlords who use our Raglan Property Management Service.

We always attempt to get refurbishment and repair at the lowest price on your behalf, but we never compromise on quality. Tenancies can be placed in jeopardy due to poor property management which is why we at Raglan place such emphasis on exceeding your expectations.

As a Landlord there are numerous Health and Safety laws and other legislation. It is the Landlord's legal responsibility that all gas appliances operate safely. It is vital that a Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate is issued prior to the commencement of the tenancy. The Raglan Property Management Service can assist with the providing of a Registered CORGI Gas Engineer to provide a current and valid Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate (annually). Additionally PAT Tests and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) can be supplied as requested.

The Raglan Property Management Service can be tailored to fit with your specific need and requirement, however we provide the following as standard and when required:

• Scheduled Raglan property inspections four times a year with full property report sent directly to you.
• 24 hour/ 365 days a year tenant and Landlord assistance.
• Raglan Swift Action property repair and refurbishment.
• Transferring of utilities into new tenant names.
• Collection of rent.
• Inventory organisation and dilapidation analysis.
• Deposit allocation.

The Raglan Property Management Service fees are often tax deductible which makes the Raglan Property Management Service even more attractive.

For more information please contact info@raglaninternational.com